Be you, Bravely.


Have you ever found yourself in a place where the moment you step foot on the ground, your soul comes alive? Stress, worries, fears, all begin to slip away and nothing else exists but the present moment. For me, this place is found in the mountains. 

My name is Stacey. I am the mom of three girls, the wife of a husband who travels the world and a woman on a quest of self-discovery and love.

This blog is about my life as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and coach. 

My journey of writing began in the mountains....but I live near the sea. This is about finding inner-peace outside of the place where I feel most connected to myself. Welcome to Beyond Mountains. 


February 23, 2018

"If only more people understood that word sweetheart."
He takes a deep breath.
"The world would be a different place."-Frank L. Golon

99 years young and one of the smartest men I know. His heart is pure. He is one of the great ones.

I look at him...

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July 14, 2020

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