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From a distance, I see her.

If only she knew right now how amazing she is. How her inner beauty and radiance is felt by the world. How her smile can light up a room and her heart can give with kindness to those who need it the most. If only she knew that she is just perfect the way she is.

I stop for a moment, look again.....and see my little girl, running up the stairs after me...without a care, or insecurity in the world. I am her world.

I take the picture and look again. I see my beautiful daughter....but she is not chasing after me. She is looking away from me....finding a moment for herself. To be herself.

She is 13.

Yes, I remember 13. And all that comes with 13.

I keep reminding myself that everything is going to be okay. She will be okay.


The little girl kisses and extra long snuggles may be gone for the moment, but the gift of watching her grow into this wonderful young woman is one I get to cherish forever. I go from missing the quiet moments when she curled up in my lap to read her favorite bedtime loving our conversations about life, her passions and dreams of the future.

So for now, I'll settle for the small moments when her hand still slips in mine. When she sees me after a long day....and just for a second I see the relief in her eyes. For the late night cuddles and conversations when everything feels too much. When she shares her joys and successes....and stumbles and falls.

I'll be right here with her....I'll be her rock and I'll wait for the storm to pass with the love only a mother can endure for her precious baby girl.

Happy 13th Birthday my sweet baby girl. I love you to the moon and back. I love you forever and always. I love you more than you can ever possibly know.

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