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Listen To The Calling From Your Heart.

I find joy in taking pictures.

I find comfort and peace in writing.

Something beautiful happened to me this summer, on our family trip to the mountains of Colorado. I have always felt connected to nature, but this time, I let nature connect to my soul.

With each trail, I let my heart open. With every climb, I listened to the calling of my heart. As the path led me up its majestic mountain, I could literally feel the stress and anxiety slip away, my body felt lighter and my soul felt free. As I reached the top, with the beauty of the mountains surrounding me, the words from my heart began to flow.

I have lived with anxiety since I can remember. I spent too much of my childhood feeling insecure and fearful that I was not good enough. I spent too much of my young adult life worried about the same. Telling myself what I'm not...instead of seeing myself for all that I am.

Sounds silly to me now.

I purchased this tiny piece of clay, at my favorite little whimsical store in Breckenridge-Wandering Daisy.


Yes! Something so small, yet significant, as my reminder that my journey does not stop here. It continues, beyond mountains.

I made a promise to myself that day. Everything that I felt and experienced in this place, where I feel most connected to myself, would have to find a way to come home with me.

I don't have to be the best, and I certainly don't have to be perfect to do the things that make me feel happy inside.

Each and every one of us are good enough to do and share what our heart longs to create.

There is a feeling that keeps calling out to me and I'm listening now.

With each day, I show up.

I show up....being me. Imperfections and all. With my hat, my sneakers (cleats, or heels) and my little tribe of people.

Knowing that no matter where I am...or where I live, I can continue to create joy and love and peace from within.

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